GCM is committed to generating results and value for our shareholders as well as the local and regional economy and its people. Our goal is to preserve the profitability of our business while ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the and local community and the environment.


As part of previous trial mining and exploration, GCM has adopted the highest standard of controls, monitoring and rehabilitation. We are passionate about responsible mining and make certain that all of our processes have reduced environmental impacts.

Proposed GCM projects will be designed to have a minimal surface footprint and environmental impact during planned exploration and mining phases.

The Company has been able to secure mining licenses due to its demonstrable commitment to operating to a high standard.


Friendly working relationships with neighbours and local communities have been established at the Golden Camel Project where the company aims to provide employments opportunities and long-term business to all suppliers as part of generating value for all shareholders.

Such is the strength our local relationships that shareholders include landholders adjacent to the proposed Golden Camel mining operations.

Wherever possible we seek to use local labour and contractors. The parcel of land that contains the Golden Camel mine development is owned by a local transport contractor whose fleet of trucks will be used to haul oxide ore from the Golden Camel mine to the Nagambie processing plant.


GCM is a private company under the stewardship of three directors with different professional strengths and experience. We take pride in upholding ethical practices and values in the field of mining and believe that this mantra positively influences our day-to-day operations and will serve as the backbone for sustainable economic growth at a private, local and national level.